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Thin Ice

Our regular newsletter. Printed copies are sent to GM Freeze members and paid-up supporters.

January 2012, Issue 24

31 Jan 2012

Happy (non-GM) New Year, international roundup.

October 2011, Issue 23

31 Oct 2011

US GM corn hit by insect resistance, GM honey needs a GM label, and international news.

January 2011, Issue 20

31 Jan 2011

Why can’t clones be traced?, GM mosquitos, Bt legacies and global roundup.

October 2010, Issue 19

30 Oct 2010

Commission’s plans to devolve cultivation decisions, GM salmon, contamination despite “controls”, UK news roundup.

July 2010, Issue 18

31 Jul 2010

New UK Government dogged by pro-GM allegations, GM pigs, UK GM potato trials and new poll shows shoppers reject GM animal feed.

April 2010, Issue 17

30 Apr 2010

Indian moratorium on Bt brinjal, good and bad news roundup.

October 2009, Issue 16

31 Oct 2009

Zero Tolerance, Thanks, but no thanks, Mr Herbert, Unauthorised GM flax contaminates EU and the world.

July 2009, Issue 15

31 Jul 2009

EU update, GM wheat a long way off, American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for GM ban.