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Safeguard our Farms – archived

This page has been archived and will not be updated or linked from the site menu. It remains published for reference purposes but some links may no longer work. For more up to date information on the UK approach to GM regulation, see our Safeguards under threat page

Safeguard our farms

EU rules currently control the use of GM in our food and on our farms. As Britain prepares to leave the EU, we need to ensure that the UK does not open the door to unregulated GM.

EU regulations require risk assessments for all GM crops to be grown or imported into Europe. The UK Government favours looser regulation and our GM rules are seen as a “barrier” to trade with the USA.

Prominent UK politicians opposed a key European Court of Justice ruling and have spoken of their plans to deregulate newer forms of GM as soon as possible. Michael Gove has stated his support for a “genetic food revolution” while Boris Johnson wants to “liberate” us from GM regulations.

We need robust GM regulation that protects people, animals and the environment from potentially irreversible damage.

EU regulations mean that GMOs released into the environment can be traced and that measures must be put in place to prevent contamination with non-GM crops, food and other products.

We need proper protection from GM contamination, to protect our farmers’ right to choose GM-free.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all used EU regulations to ban the growing of GM crops in their territory. The status of these bans in Brexit Britain is, as yet, unknown.

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This page was last updated on 29 October 2019  [archived February 2022]