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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system

Help us say NO to more GMOs

Please donate on the form below to help GM Freeze fight the latest plans to release GMOs in the UK.

November 2022

Plans are afoot to release new, highly experimental GM wheat in an open field near St Albans. At the same time, the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland are seeking views on applications for eight different GMOs to be allowed into the UK food chain. GM Freeze wants to represent your views by explaining why both plans have no place in a responsible, fair and sustainable food system, but we need your help.

Six hands held in the air with palms spread, with ‘GMO OMG’ written across them

GM Freeze has led responses to field trials for many years and discussion with colleagues in other organisations suggests that we are the only specialists able to both delve into the technical detail and support citizens to make their voices heard.

Last financial year it cost us almost £10,000 to respond to consultations like these two –  almost a sixth of our total turnover for the year. We receive grants for some work but that has to be planned well in advance, whereas consultations like these two crop up without notice and need a swift response. That’s why we have a special Trials and Authorisations fund to which people like you can donate to ensure we can keep doing this important, and always urgent, work.

Both consultations close in early December. Please give what you can today to help us respond quickly and effectively. Thank you.

If no donation form appears above or if you prefer to pay in another way, you can send a cheque (payable to GM Freeze) to: GM Freeze, 80 Cyprus Street, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8BE or contact us on 0845 217 8992 or info[at] for details of how to pay directly into our bank account. Unfortunately we aren’t able to take card payments over the phone.