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Help us say NO to more GMOs

Please donate on the form below to help GM Freeze send the Government a clear message that UK citizens say NO to plans for a risky GMO field trials and yet more GMOs in the food chain

GM developers have requested permission to plant yet more experimental GM wheat in an open field near Norwich and to use a field in Cambridge as an open-air laboratory for early research on GM barley. Field trials always carry a risk of escape and neither of these crops has been proved safe. Separate public consultations on the two trials are now open but we need your help to ensure they both receive a strong response.

At the same time, the Food Standards Agency is seeking views on plans to allow weed killer-linked and insect-killing GMOs grown elsewhere in the world to be used in our food.

Six hands held in the air with palms spread, with ‘GMO OMG’ written across them

Mounting a full response to these three consultations will cost us at least £2,500 and GM Freeze is run on a shoestring. We receive grants for some work but that has to be planned well in advance, whereas consultations like these crop up without notice and need a swift response.

The consultations close in January and February so if you can, please give today to help us respond quickly and effectively.

If no donation form appears above or if you prefer to pay in another way, you can send a cheque (payable to GM Freeze) to: GM Freeze, c/o 80 Cyprus Street, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8BE or contact us on 0845 217 8992 or info[at] for details of how to pay directly into our bank account.