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Consumers say no

Time and again, when consumers are asked whether they want GM products in their food, the clear answer is: No!1

GM in food is a major concern for consumers, and the number of people worried about it is growing2 year-on-year. Nearly half3 of the UK public surveyed are opposed to developing GM.

Mother and child shopping imagePeople don’t want to eat GM food, they don’t want to eat animals that have been fed GM food, and they want clear, across-the-board labelling to warn them when food contains GM ingredients4.

And people will put their money where their mouths are – people would rather pay extra for products that are GM free5!

This isn’t just a ‘leftie’ issue, either. Opposition to GM foods comes from across the political spectrum, with nearly two-thirds of Conservative voters wanting a ban on GM crops6.


  1. In July 2015, the Food Standards Agency (FSA)’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker (wave 10 – May 2015) lists GM foods as one of the top three spontaneously mentioned food safety concerns (see page 13).
  2. In November 2016 the FSA Consumer Attitudes Tracker Survey showed public concern about GM food rose to 27%, up from 22% in November 2015.
  3. In 2010 the Eurobarometer poll showed 45% of UK respondents were opposed to developing the technology (61% oppose it across the EU, with 95% rating GM foods as potentially unsafe and lacking real benefits).
  4. 89% of those surveyed wanted GM products to be clearly labelled ‘Two-thirds Want GM to be Kept Off their Plates – New opinion poll
  5. 72% would pay extra for non-GM food. ‘Two-thirds Want GM to be Kept Off their Plates – New opinion poll
  6. The proportion of Conservatives that reported they want to strengthen or maintain… A ban on production of GM crops [is] (63%)