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General Election 2017

Ask your General Election candidates to make Brexit mean better by protecting the integrity of our food, our farms and our crops when the UK leaves the European Union.

What you can do

Ask the questions that matter, when canvassers come calling, or by getting in touch with the people standing for election in your area.

GM Freeze is very concerned that Brexit could open the door to GM but you can help stop that happening by asking candidates in your constituency to commit to:

Rigorous regulation that protects people, animals and the environment.

Labelling that allows people to take control of what they are eating.

Protection from contamination.

You can ask candidates to sign up to the commitments in our GM Freeze General Election 2017 Manifesto. Alternatively, good questions to ask at a public meeting, hustings or media debate, as well on the doorstep, include:

Will you protect our right to choose what we eat by ensuring that food produced with GM crops is labelled after the UK leaves the EU?

Do you believe that farmers should be entitled to compensation if their fields are contaminated with GM crops grown by their neighbours?

How will your party decide which GM crops (if any) to allow into our fields, after the UK leaves the EU?

The elections office for your constituency will publish a list of all the candidates in your local area. This is usually your local council, but you can check online at www.yourvotematters.co.uk. Your local paper may also publish a list. You can also use the Tweet Your Candidate site to contact them on social media.

Any time you write to your MP, or someone who hopes to take on that role, include your full postal address to show that you are a constituent. Make it clear that this issue is important to you but please be polite and as brief as you can.

Background to this action

Our food and our farms are currently protected by European Union (EU) legislation. If we want to be able to choose what we grow - and what we eat - after the UK leaves the EU, we need to act now to defend and improve these crucial safeguards.

To protect the integrity of our food, our farms and our crops we need a new UK Government that will:

  • Establish and maintain rigorous UK regulations relating to the approval of genetically engineered material for release into the environment whether via field trials, cultivation, import or any other means.

  • Establish and maintain a UK requirement to label food containing genetically engineered ingredients.

  • Establish and maintain a UK requirement to label food derived from animals that have been fed genetically engineered crops.

  • Establish and maintain robust measures to prevent contamination with genetically engineered material of any kind. This includes contamination across national borders.

  • Establish and maintain a ‘polluter pays’ liability regime that will ensure fair compensation for UK farmers, growers and any other business impacted in the event of contamination with genetically engineered material of any kind.



In Europe, genetic engineering is usually referred to as genetic modification (GM). We use the term genetic engineering, above, to highlight the need for both established and newer methods (including gene editing and other non-transgenic techniques) to be properly regulated, regardless of ongoing legal debates about terminology.