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Thin Ice

Our regular newsletter. Printed copies are sent to GM Freeze members and paid-up supporters.

June 2023, Issue 65

5 Jun 2023

News of shocking new GM field trial plans plus what to expect now that the Genetic Technology Act has become law.

February 2023, Issue 64

8 Feb 2023

News of the final Parliamentary stages of the dangerous Genetic Technology Bill, GM wheat field trials and lots more.

October 2022, Issue 63

6 Oct 2022

Includes a detailed update on the Genetic Technology Bill, a review of GM Freeze’s year 2021/2 and more evidence of unexpected impacts from planting GMOs.

July 2022, Issue 62

4 Jul 2022

Focusing on the introduction of the Genetic Technology Bill to the UK Parliament, and efforts to reduce its damaging impact.

April 2022, Issue 61

9 Apr 2022

The UK Government has created a new (and much disputed) class of GMO plus details of how to object to the latest plans for growing experimental GM potatoes in open fields.

December 2021, Issue 60

3 Dec 2021

The UK Government has begun the process of dismantling key GM safeguards, despite strong public opposition, plus more on the DNA damage done by new GM techniques and GM news updates from around the world.

September 2021, Issue 59

10 Sep 2021

Mounting threats to GM safeguards, burnt-toast GM wheat gets the go-ahead and a review of GM Freeze’s year to March 2021.

June 2021, issue 58

4 Jun 2021

Political moves to remove key GM safeguards in both the UK and the European Union, plus news of a new application for an open field trial of highly experimental GM wheat.

January 2021, Issue 57

21 Jan 2021

Our analysis of what the end of the Brexit transition period means for the use of genetic modification in food and farming and news of a crucial opportunity to let the UK Government know that all forms of GM should be properly regulated.

October 2020, Issue 56

1 Oct 2020

The latest on plans to de-regulate gene editing, a focus on weed killers and a review of GM Freeze’s year to March 2020.