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GM in the UK

In the UK, food containing GM ingredients (including cooking oil) has to be labelled with the words genetically modified. Food made from animals that have been fed GM crops does not have to be labelled. UK consumers consistently reject labelled GM foods so there are few of those for sale, but GM-fed meat, eggs and dairy products are widespread.

Our Feed me the Truth campaign on the use of GM animal feed

How to spot GM products and what you can do when you see them

GM cooking oil: what’s in your chips?


For now, GM crops are not grown commercially in the UK but experimental GM crops are being grown in open field trials.


Food labelling rules and restrictions on the growing of GM crops are all based on European Union legislation so Brexit could change everything on GM. Our Brexit pages explain what needs to happen to protect our food and our farms when the UK leaves the EU and how you can help.

Image from GE2017 manifesto