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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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Sad but not suprising to hear Minister backing GM

Comment (8 Jan 2015)

Commenting on the news that Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss had publicly planned GM in a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said: It’s sad but hardly surprising to hear the same old rhetoric from Defra. …
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GM on the shelves in Marks & Spencer

Comment (10 Nov 2014)

Commenting on the news that Marks & Spencer is stocking six products containing GM ingredients, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said: We have already seen American sweet treats containing GM ingredients sneaking into Tesco and other retailers, but however trendy …
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Social factors, justice and ethics are valid considerations

Comment (30 Oct 2014)

Commenting on an open letter from plant scientists backing GM, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said: Those working with GM regularly complain that crop approvals are ‘blocked by politics’ but social factors, justice and ethics are perfectly valid considerations in …
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EU Council Vote Pushes GM Crop Decision to Parliament

Immediate release (12 Jun 2014)

Campaign group GM Freeze expressed disappointment today as the European Union Environment Council voted “Yes” on a controversial proposal that could see GM crops planted in UK fields as early as next year. The UK Government strongly favours GM technology, …
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UK set to support flawed, dangerous GM ban proposal

Comment (28 May 2014)

Commenting on the confirmation that the Council will vote on so-called national GM opt-outs on 12 June GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said: This proposal is all about getting more GM crops into the ground more quickly, and if it …
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UK GM Camelina trial given consent

Comment (16 Apr 2014)

Commenting on the announcement that Defra has granted consent for Rothamsted Research to plant an open-air trial of GM Camelina sativa, modified to produce omega 3 fatty acids, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said: GM Freeze opposed this trial and …
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Groups Object to New UK GM Trial Plan

Immediate release (26 Mar 2014)

GM Freeze is leading a coalition of organisations in outlining the scientific and other reasons why the UK Government should say “No” to growing genetically modified (GM) Camelina in Hertfordshire as early as next month. [1] Rothamsted Research, a publicly-funded …
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UK MEPs Vote to Hide GM Pollen in Honey

Immediate release (14 Jan 2014)

GM Freeze today said it was surprised and disappointed by the number of UK MEPs who voted on 15 January to keep GM pollen in honey hidden from consumers. [1] The report adopted, brought from the Environment Committee by UK …
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MEPs Must Uphold the Rule of Law on GM Honey

Immediate release (14 Jan 2014)

GM Freeze is urging MEPs to uphold the rule of law in a crucial Parliamentary vote tomorrow on GM pollen in honey. MEPs will vote on a motion passed by the Environment Committee that insists GM pollen be considered an …
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GM Freeze Celebrates a GM-Free New Year in UK Fields

Immediate release (30 Dec 2013)

GM Freeze today offered congratulations to farmers and consumers as 2014 marks the first year since 2007 that no GM trials will be conducted in UK fields, and no new GM field trials are expected. Different GM potatoes have been …
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Bangladesh Must Halt GM Crop Rollout, Lucrative UK Market at Risk

Immediate release (4 Dec 2013)

Today GM Freeze wrote to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, President and Ministers for Commerce and the Environment urging them to overturn the decision to commercialise GM brinjal (aubergine) to protect Bangladeshi farmers and exporters from serious risks to their businesses. …
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The Cost of RR Technology Failure Clear, No Relief in Sight

Immediate release (25 Sep 2013)

Delegates at the American Chemical Society’s (ACS’s) 246th national meeting, held in the heart of US corn country, heard dire warnings from weed scientists about the spread of glyphosate resistant weeds and the growing number of weed species with resistance …
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