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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system

A race to 5 Stars

How does your favourite supermarket score?

We ranked supermarkets against a five-star scale on:

  • Their policies – we want to see a firm commitment to phasing out the use of GM animal feed
  • The information they provide to customers – we want everyone to be able to find out easily which products come from GM-fed animals and which do not
  • The number of own brand non GM-fed animal products they stock – we want this to increase.

Achieving our criteria against all three issues will earn the supermarkets up to five stars and this campaign is all about persuading them to race to the top and achieve a five star rating.

So far a shocking nine out of ten UK supermarkets are stuck in the starting blocks, as they don’t even qualify for one star.

The Star Rankings Table



What do we mean by own brand?

If you are in a supermarket then the product should be made by that supermarket and carry the supermarket logo or name.  Some supermarkets have different brand names for different types of products so these may say in smaller writing that they were made or packed for that supermarket.

For example, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference product lines are all Sainsbury’s own-brand products. The product may also say that it was made or packed for that particular supermarket.

Supermarkets have significant control over the supply chains for their own brand products and will demand better if that’s what they think their customers want.

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