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Congratulate Waitrose on GM-free animal feed

Waitrose is currently the only British supermarket to make attempts to source GM-free animal feed for the animals that make its some of its egg, fish and poultry products.

Waitrose has told us its eggs and farmed fish, including frozen salmon are fed a non GM diet. The same goes for its chicken and turkey products.

Recently the supermarket announced that 25% of its pork feed will also be GM-free.

This means that GM-free animal feed is available – supermarkets need to work harder to find it. Send Waitrose a quick comment to thank it for leading the way.

blindfolded customer with Waitrose bag

Use Waitrose’s online form to submit a quick comment to congratulate it on its policy.

  • Let them know they are doing the right thing because you don’t want to buy anything that has involved GM crops and this includes GM animal feed.
  • Ask if they will help you with the choice to refuse GM-fed products by putting it on the label.
  • Please forward any response you get to info[at]


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