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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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GM Freeze Welcomes Sainsbury’s Resignation

Immediate release (10 Nov 2006)

GM Freeze has welcomed the resignation of Science Minister Lord David Sainsbury today. Commenting GM Freeze Campaign Director said: This resignation is long overdue. In 1997 Lord Sainsbury came to the post of Science Minister with a long track record …
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Labour’s GM Contamination ‘Legally Flawed’

Immediate release (19 Oct 2006)

As Government’s GM consultation ends, a new legal opinion, published today, says that Government’s proposals on how to protect conventional and organic crops from contamination from GM crops are legally and “fundamentally flawed”. The opinion is published as the Government’s …
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GM Freeze Condemns France for GM Pharming Test Sites

Immediate release (13 Jun 2006)

GM Freeze has condemned the French Government for licensing two sites for crops genetically engineered to produce pharmaceuticals [1] ahead of legislation to deal with crop contamination and liability. Two out of 17 new GM test sites announced by the …
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WTO GM Judgment – EU should stand firm

Immediate release (11 May 2006)

Reacting to the announcement of the judgment on the long running WTO dispute on the GM moratorium and national bans between the EU and the USA, Canada and Argentina, Pete Riley of GM Freeze said: The USA and its allies …
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The Battle in Brazil: Lines drawn in Terminator seed fight

Advanced notice (15 Mar 2006)

Ban Terminator Campaign Media Advisory – 20-31 March 2006, Curitiba As 188 national governments gather in Curitiba, Brazil, for the Eighth Conference of the Parties (COP8) to the United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), battle lines are being drawn …
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Monsanto May Commercialize Terminator: Alliance calls for ban

Immediate release (21 Feb 2006)

Biotech Giant reverses pledge on GM Terminator Technology as global UK Campaigning Group on Terminator Technology Monsanto, the world’s largest seed and biotechnology company, has withdrawn its high profile promise not to commercialise GM ‘Terminator Technology’ [1] made in 1999 …
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Role of WTO in GM Food Complaint Challenged

Immediate release (9 Feb 2006)

In response to the news of the World Trade Organisation ruling in favour of the United States and against the European Union in the GM complaint, Carrie Stebbings of the GM Freeze campaign commented: “The WTO is not a suitable …
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EU Citizens Will Decide on GM, Not US/WTO Bullying

Immediate release (7 Feb 2006)

The US, supported by Argentina and Canada, lodged a complaint against Europe’s precautionary approach to GM in May 2003 at the World Trade Organisation. The case accuses Europe of undue delay in approving new GM products and of unscientific bans …
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