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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system


Detailed, referenced briefings and other detailed documents on a range of GM-related topics. Most have been created by GM Freeze but we also include some from our members or partners where they are the experts on this topic.

GM Freeze General Election 2017 Manifesto

19 May 2017

We are asking General Election candidates to protect the integrity of our food, our farms and our crops when the UK leaves the European Union by commiting to:

  • Rigorous regulation that protects people, animals and the environment
  • .Labelling that allows people to take control of what they are eating.
  • Protection from contamination.

Image from GE2017 manifesto


Joint position statement on new techniques of genetic engineering

19 Feb 2017

A position statement from European Civil Society organisations, including GM Freeze, on why EU GMO law must be fully applied to the so-called ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques’.

CGI snapshot of a DNA double helix