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Detailed, referenced briefings and other detailed documents on a range of GM-related topics. Most have been created by GM Freeze but we also include some from our members or partners where they are the experts on this topic.

New Breeding Techniques: inherent risks and the need to regulate

3 Dec 2015

Dr Ricarda A Steinbrecher considers the seven new genetic engineering techniques often referred to as “New Breeding Techniques”. She explains why they share many of the problems of older GM techniques but also bring their own set of risks and uncertainties. She presents the scientific case for classifying all of these techniques as GM and regulating their use with as much rigour as previous and current GM techniques.

This is a scientific briefing from GM Freeze member organisation, EcoNexus,


Contamination Matters – Why GM crops can’t be managed at a national level

5 Jun 2014

A summary of three key GM crop contamination incidents, considering their implications on proposals for  “national opt outs” to EU GM crop authorisations. Includes major contamination cases involved US rice, Chinese Rice and Canadian flax.


Old Fashioned Greenwash: Sainsbury’s and GM animal feed

8 Jul 2013

Broken Promises: Tesco and GM animal feed

27 Jun 2013

Monarch Butterflies: If GM Bt doesn’t get them, Roundup will

25 Jun 2013

The Herbicide Treadmill in Roundup Ready Crops – EU environment faces huge increase in toxic burden

21 Jun 2013

A briefing by PAN UK and GM Freeze

Whatever happened to “Plan A”? Marks and Spencer and GM animal feed

31 May 2013

Objecting to Rothamsted’s UK GM Winter Wheat Application

1 May 2013

Deadline for objections was 17 May 2013

The Co-op, GM Soya Animal Feed and the Roundtable On Responsible Soy

30 Apr 2013

Gene VI in GM Crops: What’s happening and why you should know

11 Mar 2013