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Say no to GM LidlSurprises

Lidl wants to win you over with its #LidlSurprises advertising slogan.

One surprise that isn’t welcome is the fact that the animals producing almost all of the meat, eggs and dairy products on sale in their UK stores have been fed GM crops.

But this is not the case in Germany, where non-GM poultry and eggs are now the norm and Lidl Germany is leading the charge having just converted its own brand milk to GM-free animal feed.

Send Lidl UK a quick comment to ask why it can’t match its German counterpart.

Use Lidl UK’s online form to submit a quick comment asking them to Feed me the Truth.

  • Let them know that you don’t want to buy anything that has involved GM crops and this includes GM animal feed.
  • Ask if they will give you the choice to refuse GM-fed products by selling more meat, eggs and dairy products from a GM-free supply chain and letting their customers know which products these are by putting it on the label.
  • Please forward any response you get to info[at]


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