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Tell Sainsbury’s you can ‘Taste the GM-fed Difference’

Please write to Mike Coupe, Chief Executive of Sainsbury’s head office to demand a return to higher food quality standards.

In 2016 Sainsbury’s was able to give us and its customers a list of its non-organic non GM-fed products.

These included Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference product line, including chicken, turkey and duck; Taste the Difference and Omega-3 eggs and all its farmed salmon.

Person in a chicken suit sat in a trolly being pushed by a blindfolded shopper, outside a Sainsbury’s © Matt Writtle

What changed?

Asked for similar information in 2017, Sainsbury’s now says it does ‘not have a specific list available’.

This means that those Taste the Difference products, Omega-3 eggs and farmed salmon are now being raised on a diet containing GM animal feed.

Sainsbury’s says it will account for customer feedback when it next reviews its corporate policy. So please do let them know what you think.

Please ask Sainsbury’s Chief Executive to match the standard he was able to meet in 2016.

Ask him why the non GM-fed foods you want to buy are no longer available. Be sure to let him know that you want to buy non GM-fed here in the UK and will change your shopping habits to get it.

Mike Coupe
Chief Executive
33 Holborn

You can also call Sainsbury’s on 0800 636 262 or 0330 123 1962, email or use their website contact form.

Please let us know how you get on and share any response you receive by contacting us on info[at] or 0845 217 8992.

Name and shame on social media

Make your feelings known about Sainsbury’s reduced standards on GM on twitter @sainsburys and facebook /sainsburys.

Please Tag @gmfreeze so we can share your posts.


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