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Animal feed

The hidden GM on your plate

Most people in the UK don’t eat food made from GM ingredients but the vast majority of non-organic farm animals are fed GM soya and/or maize, which does not need to be listed on the label of the food it goes to produce.

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David Hughes, professor of food marketing at Imperial College London, even told the National Farmers Union Conference in February 2016, “we find it convenient not to make a big noise about it”.

What’s wrong with GM?
Where can I buy non-GM-fed?
What can I do?
GM ingredients in other foods

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Get the leaflet

You can download our leaflet, Feed: the hidden GM on your plate and print your own copies but we would rather send you a supply of the professionally printed version.

Please contact info[at] or 0845 217 8992 and make sure you let us know if you need them by a particular date.

These leaflets are supplied free of charge thanks to the generous support of the Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, but donations to help cover postage and other costs will help us to keep producing resources for everyone concerned about GM in food and farming.

Download the fully referenced text version of Feed: the hidden GM on your plate to find out where we get our information.