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Saying no to GM animal feed

Animal feed is the back door for bringing GM into the UK but, together, we can close it.

There are logistical and supply problems with GM-free animal feed but they can be overcome as long as the supermarkets, manufacturers and wholesalers all know that doing so will sell more finished products. You need to let them know that you want to buy meat, eggs and dairy products produced without the use of GM animal feed and that you are prepared to shop elsewhere if they won’t supply them.

GM Freeze is developing a more detailed campaign on GM animal feed sosign up for emails to make sure you hear about it first.

In the meantime there is lots you can do to let the people who make the food you buy know that you don’t want GM in the food chain:

Buy non-GM-fed and let the companies know that is why you are giving them your custom.

Ask questions. You may not get a straight answer, or even the truth, if you ask in store so write to the supermarkets and your favourite brands to ask them about their policies on GM animal feed.

Be sure to ask them a direct question and make it clear that you require an answer, but please be polite. It is often best to make a simple enquiry first – you can let them know how you feel about the issue once you have opened up a correspondence.

Once you know that GM feed is being used, write again to let them know that you aren’t happy. Make it clear that you are a customer but that you might choose to shop elsewhere, or buy a different brand, if they don’t stop using GM animal feed.

Explain why you object to GM, but remember that a few carefully chosen facts have much more of an impact than an essay. You want to be taken seriously so it’s better to avoid emotive language.

One very effective way to get your point across is to quote the company’s own policy statements and marketing claims to show how selling GM doesn’t match what they like to say about themselves.

Talk about GM animal feed on social media. Remember to tag the brand or supermarket to get their attention and include us @GMFreeze #gmfed so we can help spread the word.

Our contact details page includes social media profiles where we have found them.